Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Patience young grasshopper

Surgery date is set for a week from today.  Fortunately she has the first appointment of the day but it will still be a very long morning of not eating for her.  The poor thing really only fusses when she's hungry, but she expresses her opinion quite loudly if she thinks her needs are being ignored.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Just when her hair was starting to really grow back in...

Addy had an appointment with the neurosurgeon today because her head circumference has been getting bigger at a faster rate than it should be.  The sonogram of her ventricles shows that they're bigger than they should be if the shunt were working correctly, but they aren't as big as if the shunt were completely malfunctioning.  Conclusion: shunt is partially blocked.  And since partially blocked is not a good thing, it means that Addy gets to have her first shunt revision (date yet to be determined).  She's really not going to like that whole "no food after midnight" thing.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Slow down there, tiger

Addy's head circumference has been getting bigger at a faster rate than "normal" so I put a call in to the neurosurgeon to let him know.  (In this case "normal" means "compared to a baby without Spina Bifida and most shunted babies who do have SB.")  He is apparently concerned but not alarmed so we need to take her in for a head sonogram in a few weeks to get a look-see at what's going on.  So far her head circumference is the only symptom, so we're just keeping close tabs on it.  Hopefully something simple like a tweak on the shunt settings is all that will be needed.

In other medical-related news, we received the all clear from the plastic surgeon this week.  He wants to give her a chance to grow into her scars before we look at doing anything more with them.  The PT and OT who work with Addy have us working on massaging the scars to try to loosen them up and keep them from impeding her movement.  They're kind of tender and pretty leathery, so it's not one of her favorite things, but she'll usually tolerate it for a little while.

Addy has been working on doing more swatting at toys in her line of sight lately.  This afternoon she even managed to grab hold of a rattle a couple of times (and promptly thwacked herself in the head with it the second time).   Also today she managed to get mostly rolled over from her back to her side a couple of times.  We're still working on getting that (big) head of hers nice and steady.  PT claims that tummy time is the key to that, but Addy disagrees with the theory.  She much prefers just sitting up on a lap and looking around instead.  Not bad for an almost 3-month old!