Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More walking progress

Addy took her first real forward steps in the gait trainer today--hooray!

We started with using snaps (little, plastic, 5-pronged toys that snap together) as "bait" so she would use her legs to move forward about a foot or so, and then let her toss them into an empty box. By this evening she was moving about 6 feet at a time and was throwing a small basketball into a mini hoop. So so so proud of her!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

She's on a roll

As follow-up to the lunch conversation, there were two more entertaining Addy-isms today. She told me this afternoon "I want watch George and the elephant movie. Okay. Let's do this." Then at dinner she told Derek that she needed goldfish crackers and a knife.

True southern style

I was trying to convince Addy to eat some chicken tenders for lunch.

Me: Let's have chicken and dip it in ketchup and applesauce!

Addy: [ignores me]

Me: Or maybe put some cheese on the chicken?

Addy: Mmmm, how 'bout cheese on crackers.

Me: No, how 'bout cheese on chicken with ketchup and applesauce.

Addy: Mmmm, how 'bout cheese on butter.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy second birthday

Addy had an awesome birthday celebration today. Happy birthday, kiddo!
Ariel got some icing on her

Catching up on stories

I've gotten behind in posting the stories that go with some of the pictures in the picture feed. It's been a little crazy around here (as I'm sure you can understand), so tonight I'm playing catch-up. Enjoy!

(from 11/9) I had taken Addy and her stander out on the new patio to test it out. She very happily got a good head of steam going and launched herself off the edge and into the grass. Once I helped her get unstuck from the grassy slope, she did really well rolling through the lumpy, slightly muddy yard.
Testing out the new patioSo much for staying on the patio

(from 11/10) It turns out that Nora is a paci baby. I've just been too sleep deprived until now to remember that (a) we have pacis and (b) she might suck on one instead of nursing for hours on end.
Paci time

(from 11/14) Addy is a very creative soul and is just getting into the phase where anything and everything can be a hat, including a foam floor mat piece with a number 8 cut out of the middle.

Nora has also been pretty cute lately, and is sometimes actually awake in between feedings.

(from 11/17) Addy got a Princess Ariel doll for her birthday and was sad when her AFOs didn't fit on the doll. So I made some doll-sized braces out of a wrapping paper tube. (I need to pick up some butterfly stickers to decorate them to look more like Addy's braces.)
Ariel needed a pair of AFOs

Then, Addy took the rest of the tube, put it to her lips, blew air through it, and declared herself "Makin' music in a band."
Makin' music in a band 3

Friday, November 16, 2012

Two going on thirteen

Addy and her nanny took the stander outside for a walk this afternoon. Miss C was trying to convince Addy to keep rolling the stander down the driveway toward the sidewalk: "Come on! Let's go to the sidewalk and see if we can see any flowers or doggies! Stander is fun!" "I don't care," Addy replied, with an unpleasant dose of teenage attitude.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Not quite what I said

I took Addy on a special Mommy-daughter shopping trip this afternoon (okay, we went to Walmart so it wasn't all that special of a shopping trip, but it was just the two of us). We found an adorable Christmas elf outfit for little Nora. Addy kept calling it the "baby sister elephant" outfit.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Growing girl

We took Nora in for a check-up at the pediatrician's office this morning. She's up most of a pound over her weight check appointment from last week; must be all that late night grazing she likes to do. She's also 1.5 inches longer, so she's still kind of a long, skinny baby.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Godzilla attack

Addy has been doing more gait trainer each day and continues to do a great job of marching in place and kicking over towers of blocks. She also does her version of "the running man," which is mostly just running in place. She'll be cruising around the house in no time!

Nora is still an eating and sleeping machine, but seems to have her days and nights mixed up. I'm hoping she'll let me use the extra hour we get tonight for sleeping and not eating.