Friday, July 27, 2012

New use for bubbles

Addy had PT this morning. Her therapist is a never-ending fountain of creative therapy games. This session Addy learned to work on her leg muscles by kicking bubbles. It's pretty cute to watch her, but it takes two adults to help her with it right now (1 to get the bubble and 1 to make sure Addy uses her foot instead of her hand to pop it!)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I paint it! See?

Addy came home from playgroup yesterday with an awesome picture of a fish that she had painted. "I paint it, fish! Fridger! [refrigerator, as in where she would like it displayed]"
The Fish

They used something described as "sand glue," the recipe for which I estimate the recipe to be about 10 parts colored sand to 1 part glue based on its extremely crumbly behavior. We're going to enlist the help of Daddy to get a good, thick layer of spray shellac put on to stabilize it so we can actually hang the masterpiece on the fridger.

Just in case the spray fixative goes horribly awry, I took a picture of the fish painting and went ahead and cataloged some of Addy's other recent art pieces while I was at it:
StarfishBug jarHouse with fluffy cloudsBats!Patriotic stars

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sneakly little bugger

Addy's nanny is working on getting a routine set up so that Addy will learn to lay down on a blanket to take her nap instead of needing to be rocked the entire time. Yesterday, they both laid down on a blanket and Miss C closed her eyes to show Addy what she should do. Addy waited a minute until she thought Miss C was asleep, then popped up and made a mad dash for the toy bin. We'll keep working on it.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Standing and yoga before dinner

Addy went to treadmill therapy this morning, and was pretty much bonkers and getting into everything all day. This evening she wanted to get in her stander, but we had to compromise and ride the dino truck instead. So she turned it into standing time! (I hooked my foot around the wheels to keep it from being "falling flat on her face time.")

All by myselfRelaxing

After standing with her truck, she decided to do some stretching. I think this pose is the "downward facing dog," but I could be wrong:

Downward facing dogDownward facing dog 2