Thursday, April 24, 2014

Being Exceptional

Addy has been all about the forearm crutches for walking lately--yay! This evening was no exception. What was exceptional was that she did her walking with less bracing that usual. She usually wears her tall braces, but they stay at school during the week (it's easier, trust me). She used her short braces plus a knee splint and did awesome!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

One down

Addy had PT at school yesterday and practiced walking using just one of her forearm crutches--she did great!  The only down side is that she was very nervous about it and kept talking about how she was sure that she needed to use 2 crutches next time, and made sure to ask if we would still be proud of her if she used 2 crutches instead of 1 (that part broke my heart just a little).  She's been wanting to have a basket for her crutches so she can tote things around with her like she does with the walker.  If we can get her more comfortable with using just 1 crutch, then she'll have a hand free to carry things.

I want it

Nora has gotten into an interesting habit lately.  If she sees someone using something that she wants, she often says "Share?  Please?"  She doesn't usually wait for an answer--just goes ahead and takes it--but at least she's sounding polite first!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Same stage, different result

When Addy was first talking, she referred to all dolls/princesses as "Rella," which was short for "Cinderella."  Nora does the same kind of generalization, only she calls everything "Arie," for "Ariel."

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Have Go Sticks, can go

Addy has been all about the walking lately.  Walking at home, walking at school, walking at church, and even walking at the store.  It's a slow process and not much shopping happens, but it's good exercise for all of us.  Thankfully the weather has been nicer lately so it's been possible to get the tall braces on and off at the van.  There might not be quite as much walking if it were super cold or rainy.