Monday, January 30, 2012

Stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight

Physical therapy went soooo well this morning! Over the weekend we got Addy a little step stool to use for a bench to sit on. (Toddler sized chairs have legs that are too long for her petite legs, but the little stool is just the right size for her to sit on and have her feet resting on the floor.) For this morning's exercise routine, the therapist had the stool in front of the sofa with a couple of toys just out of reach on the sofa seat. Addy sat on her stool and pulled herself up to standing to grab her toys and then sat back down on the stool for a few seconds (actually she kept going for a small paperback book that I have sacrificed for the greater good of her entertainment/motivation). Then the book went back up on the sofa and Addy stood back up to grab it and sat back down again to read it. She did about ten "ups" before the therapist cut her off to keep her from having sore legs!

Addy also had a pretty good report this morning from play group--second week in a row for that.  She likes story and songs time, and had some snack, but doesn't care for sitting in the swing during outside time.  Apparently she even talked to the volunteers quite a bit this morning (so much so that they commented on it at pick-up time).  Now, if only I could convince her that the nursery at church is just like play group, only without the swings...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

No news is good news

It's been pretty much same old, same old at our house this week.  Addy is still completely infatuated with Curious George and she continues to pick up at least one new word every day.  She's doing a lot of pulling up to "tall kneeling" lately (kneeling with her behind up off the ground), which means that pulling up to standing should be coming in the not-too-distant future.  Watch out kitties!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

First crush

Addy is absolutely IN LOVE with Curious George.  It's kind of hard to decipher, but I think she calls him "Cue Geoge" or possibly "GeoGeoge," and she thinks he lives in the TV.  (Yes, I'm a bad mommy and I let Addy watch just a little bit of TV.)  I'm kind of hoping that some power-bonding this weekend with a little baby Curious George stuffed animal will help with the high-drama separation anxiety that she's been having lately.  I'm crossing my fingers but not holding my breath on that one.

She is also picking up lots and lots of new words lately.  Like, at least 1-2 per day for the last couple of weeks.  As far as new, cute tricks goes, she knows where her eyes, ears, and tummy are (though you have to ask her about her eyes first because both ears and tummy are too distracting), and she blows kisses and sometimes waves "Hi" and/or "Bye."  Like this morning when she waved "Hi" to Daddy when he went to get her out of the back seat of the car when we got to church.  She was beyond pleased with herself and laughed and giggled about it the whole time she was getting out of the car seat!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Actually, that kind of cat is called "dog"

We had another check-up appointment at Vandy today. We got a thumbs up from the doc and we're anticipating a good report on the renal ultrasound, but the doc hadn't had a chance to review it yet (saw the doc first, then had the scan because he realized it had been most of a year since the last one was done). We got to Nashville early enough this morning to have a leisurely lunch in the cafeteria at Children's and Addy spent quite a while telling us all about the service "cat" at a table near us.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Goldfish: the new ten

We started giving Addy a new flavor of "tens" recently: goldfish crackers.  As a result, "tens" now exclusively means "goldfish crackers."  If you put puffs in front of her, she will pick them up and hand them all back to you (or try to put them back in the container).

Addy had OT on Friday as part of her feeding therapy.  She got a great report from the therapist, so we're supposed to keep on working on introducing new textures and flavors--the weirder, lumpier, and crunchier, the better.  The therapist thinks that Addy's biggest hurdle right now is a weak chew, which is a little strange because she can be an absolute bull dog when she's chewing on her socks (it's really gross and stretches out her socks really bad; she takes her them off when we change her diaper, stuffs them in her mouth, clamps down, and pulls on the end of the sock like a tug-of-war dog toy).  For some reason she doesn't want to do the same with her food; must be the repeated motion as opposed to the single-action clamp-down.  So to help with that, the therapist recommended wrapping dried fruit roll around the end of the nubby teething stick and giving it to Addy to chew on so that she'll associate chewing and eating.  Addy seems to like it, though I'm not sure it's working quite the way the therapist intended:

Since it's been a while since I've done a silly craft project, it's time to think about a new one.  I'm still pondering the color scheme, but this pattern (link) is my top pick for an Easter dress for Addy.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'll have what she's having

Addy is definitely feeling a lot better today.  She still has a little bit of a cough, but her appetite and attitude are much improved.   And now that we have stopped the albuterol, the guano level of crazy seems to have subsided as well.  More importantly, with the decreased drainage also comes decreased gagging and throw-up.  Hooray!

Tonight, I had Addy snoozing on my lap for a very late afternoon nap while I was eating some cold pizza for dinner.  She woke up when I was most of the way through the slice and she started reaching for the crust.  I figured, "What the heck.  If she can get past the parmesan garlic butter on the crust, maybe she'll enjoy it."  She gummed and sucked her way through about 1/3 of the crust and then went on to have 6oz of garden veggies mixed with corn casserole.

Monday, January 2, 2012

100% Grade A Pure Bat Scat Bonkers

Last night's bedtime story (as in, a story about bedtime, not a story that will induce sweet, peaceful sleep) went a little something like this:

At 7:00 (about 90 minutes after first dinner), Addy starts smacking her lips and chanting "Tens, tens, tens. Manummy Nummy Nummy Nom." So I decided to see if she was hungry. She ate about 4 animal crackers, half a jar of peas, and drank some milk. That's after she had eaten some cooked apple bites, 4oz of turkey and rice dinner, 4 or 5 animal crackers, and some milk for first dinner.

At 7:45 we went upstairs and started bedtime routine, including doing a nebulizer treatment and giving her some Zyrtec to help dry up the congestion (and hopefully help her sleep better). By 8:30, we had the lights off and I was trying to snuggle her while singing the totally made-up mommy original song "Sweet Adelaide Is Getting Sleepy." I got through 6 or 7 verses of the song, but the last one went something like this:

Me (singing): Sweet Adelaide has 10 little toes...
Addy (popping up from a deceptively restful pose): Tens! Tens!
Me (not singing): No, sweetie, you made the tens all gone, remember? It's sleepy time right now.
Addy: Tens! Manummy Nom!
Me: Let's just snuggle.
(Addy laid her head back down to pretend to snuggle.)
Me (singing again): You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...
(Addy pops up again, this time signing "more"): Tens!
Me (not singing): Really? You had second dinner not that long ago and decided you were done.
Addy nods yes. "Tens!"

So we went back downstairs, where she coughed up a yuck-o snot wad and then proceeded to eat third dinner, which consisted of 4 more animal crackers, the other half of the jar of peas, and some more milk. At one point there were two bite-sized pieces of animal crackers sitting on the highchair tray and Addy decided to pick one of them up and share it with me. I tried to politely decline, so she decided to drop it into the jar of peas. I was not successful at thwarting her, so we ended up with animal cracker marinated in puree of peas. Yes, I have been watching way too much Food Network lately. (Supposedly that's a developmental milestone--dropping small objects into a container--but I was really not in the mood to praise her for achieving it.)

Then she wanted to play. Only, she didn't really want to play. She wanted to race with me from the living room/play area into the kitchen so she could sit in the cats' water dish, because what could possibly be more fun at 10:00 at night than to need fresh jammies and a diaper because you've decided to take a sitz bath in the cats' water dish (never mind that the cats would probably want some fresh water in that situation, too).

At this point it was almost 10:00. Not a terribly unreasonable time for me to go to bed, but way later than I was hoping for since I (a) am sick and (b) theoretically needed to get up at 2:00AM to give Addy another nebulizer treatment. And definitely too late for Miss Sunshine to be heading to bed. Fortunately, we had several episodes of "Veggie Tales" on Netflix streaming, so we had watched one of those for about 20 minutes until she finally calmed down enough to fall asleep. You see, it turns out that Albuterol has the power to take a sick kid and help them to feel some better by opening up their airways. But it also has the power to take a mostly well kid and turn the crazy dial all the way to 12. Since Addy seems to be doing so much better, we're being a little more selective in how often we use the nebulizer today.