Thursday, May 28, 2015

Do these gloves make me look like Michael Jackson?

Time for new push gloves since the wheelchair is getting more use while the new braces get broken in.

Yes, she picked sparkly silver ribbon for the strap.  Why wouldn't she?  I used an old pair of jeans for the fabric; hoping for durable, comfortable, and the darker color should help hide some of the dirt.  They seem to be a good fit.  Addy was flying through Target earlier this week and made us run to keep up with her!

Dear Nora is finding being a "twonager" to be a tough stage, so she got a pair of princess gloves to wear, too.  Scary as it is, the same size pattern worked well for both girls.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

New braces

Addy has new KAFOs now--yippee!

A more sophisticated theme for a more sophisticated young lady: zebra print with neon orange straps.  

This new pair also features a new trigger mechanism so that Addy can set/release the knee lock herself.  Hooray for increased independence!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

No better time to start learning about advocacy

We had an IEP meeting last week and while we were waiting to get started the PT who works with Addy at school told us a story about a recent PT activity they had done.  Addy had gone to the front door of the school to practice opening the door and going through.  One of the doors is supposed to be motorized and open when you push a button, but it has never worked in the almost 2 years that Addy has attended school there.  

When they went back inside, Addy mentioned to the ladies in the office that the accessible door wasn't working and that it would be so much better if it could get fixed.  They said that fixing doors is Mr. Jeff's job and suggested that Addy and her PT stop by his office on their way back to class and let him know that the door isn't working, because, if anyone was going to convince Mr. Jeff of the importance of fixing that door, it would be Addy.  [I have the impression that the door issue is an on-going thing at school.]

So they did.  Addy knocked on Mr. Jeff's door and explained to him that the door isn't working and asked him to please get it fixed so she can use it.  No word on whether he's had a chance to work on it yet, but I'm super proud of Addy for advocating for it!