Monday, June 1, 2015

Moose and ...

Addy had another story today.  I'm curious where this one came from.  Sometimes I can pick out the TV influence for her stories, but this one, not so much.

There was a moose named Bird who was raised by a family of birds because when he was little he was adopted. He lived with them in their nest but he had a very hard time fitting in it. He also had a hard time climbing the tree with all four of his arms and legs. 

He had best friends named Nonnie, Shonnie and Ronnie who were geese. There were nine geese in all but only three had names. He met the geese at The Duck Pond when he went to get a drink of water. 

His bird family built their nest in his antlers when he got grown and he carried the birds with him when he went to the duck pond to visit the geese. The geese and the birds were friends also and shared a lot